Locate Your Interest

Let your closet speak:
Got items to sell?

With AdyLix you can market and sell items in your closet live in the street where users can express interest in your outfits.

See an outfit you like?
We will find it for you...

It is now possibe to know how to buy outfits you like while walking in the street. Our technology enables users to live browse nearby items.

Our App

Helps interested user to discover and purchase items. If you see an outfit you like and the outfit is discoverable, our App will list the details of the item as well as a purchase link.

AdyLix iOS App is now available Access by invitation only, email us: to be one of our first users, we need your feedback.

How it works you ask?

Simple, you need to register information about your item and mark it discoverable, then other users in nearby locations can view and purchase the item.